Sunday, September 7, 2014

Genesis of a blog

I bought a Canon 600D yesterday with the intention of creating a blog. I really want to document the small things I appreciate in life as well as the bigger adventures. I already have a tumblr but I feel the need to move away from my rapid 'stream of consciousness' style of writing and be more thoughtful in how I write and present images.

My life has changed so much since graduating last year - new city, new job, new friends, new home -  so it feels like an apt time to start this blog. I'm into brunching, travel, learning languages (attempting Russian currently), road trips and banter.

The above photo is significant because it's the first photo I've uploaded from my new camera. I really like the composition and simplicity of it. It's also Fathers' Day today, and I found myself thinking about my mother, who raised me and my brother on her own. She passed away late last year and I've had to navigate major life changes without her there. It may be a random post to begin with and have nothing to do with how my blog will evolve, but to me it seemed a fitting way to begin.


  1. welcome to Blogging. I had also just started mine this July and so glad that i had. I have met so many lovely bloggers that are so kind and helpful. I wish you all the best xx

    Shanna |

  2. That's a beautiful photo, I'm so sorry for your loss. I recently made a blog for very similar reasons as you - big life changes and wanting to document things along the way, etc. I think you're off to a beautiful start and I hope you enjoy it!